Icebreaker Edition

Icebreaker Edition


400gsm gloss coated card.

WARNING: This a mature content game containing drinking forfeits, references to alcohol, explicit sexual references and swearing.

For ages 18+.

Please drink responsibly.

Break the ice with a fresh group of friends with the Icebreaker Edition card game.

Calling all new friends and freshers! It's time to get to know each other a little better with 50 brand-new questions. Break the ice with the General and Say It or Shot It cards and turn up the heat a little with the Never Have I Ever and Drink or Dare cards.

This edition pack does not require the original TGB Card Game but can be mixed in if you have both.

How to play:

  1. Throw the cards in the middle, face down.
  2. Take turns at picking a card and reading it out loud.
  3. Spill the gossip/do the dare or swerve it with a shot.

This card pack contains:

  • 20 General Cards
  • 14 Never Have I Ever Cards
  • 9 Say it or Shot it Cards
  • 7 Drink or Dare Cards