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Where it all began...

The Girls Bathroom started out life as a podcast, launched in May 2019, created and hosted by life-long besties, Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Baylis-Zullo, who, since their school days, have run a YouTube channel together. 'Boy Talk' and 'Girl Talk' videos, which spoke about relationship dilemmas and advice, were some of their most popular. Sophia & Cinzia felt these discussions should be given their own space to grow and develop – to reach and help even more people. And so, 'The Girls Bathroom' was born. Just the first step of the journey...

The Podcast

This is what Sophia & Cinzia say about The Girls Bathroom podcast…

The Girls Bathroom is a place we all know to be full of girl chat and gossip, and the place we often confide in girls we’ve never even met before! In this podcast we want to help you with your dilemmas, by trying to make sense of these boys wasting our time, the girls trying to make our lives difficult and all the things in between. So come join us for a fun but real chat in the girls bathroom!

Disclaimer: we can’t promise we’ll stay on topic!!

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