Girls On Tour Edition


400gsm gloss coated card.

WARNING: This a mature content game containing drinking forfeits, references to alcohol, explicit sexual references and swearing.

For ages 18+.

Please drink responsibly.

Heat up the girls' summer holiday with the Girls On Tour card game. Whether you're lounging by the pool or hosting pre-drinks at the villa, throw the cards in the middle and have your cocktails at the ready...

This 50-card pack is the perfect size to fit in your bag and play on holiday with your besties. FYI, all the cards are designed to get you drunk!

This edition pack does not require the original TGB Card Game but can be mixed in if you have both.

How to play:

  1. Throw the cards in the middle, face down.
  2. Take turns at picking a card and reading it out loud.
  3. Spill the gossip/do the dare or swerve it with a shot.

This card pack contains:

  • 19 General Cards
  • 14 Most Likely To Cards
  • 8 Drink or Dare Cards
  • 9 Say it or Shot it Cards